Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the products and services currently recommended by Manzanita Tech. Some of the links below are affiliate links – meaning I get a small commission when you make a purchase. This helps to support me while still giving you the best price for these services.

I will only ever recommend products or services that I truly believe in and have used personally.

Password Manager

I’ve been using 1Password for both personal and business use since early 2019. It has has a very clean and simple design, making storing and accessing entries a breeze. I use it across all of my computers and mobile devices and the experience has been very seamless. In addition, I manage a family plan, and being able to share certain logins with family is super convenient. More importantly, I’ve looked into the company and their security practices and have consistently been impressed, both with their track record and 3rd party security audit results. For $36/year ($60/year for families) it pays dividends in convenience and peace of mind. You can try it for FREE using the link below.

Wireless Routers

As someone who’s worked with countless routers and various networking equipment, I’ve always been a fan of Ubiquiti products, especially their wireless access points. Unfortunately, those access points are not easy to configure or manage for most people. Enter: Amplifi. Amplifi is the consumer-friendly brand owned by Ubiquiti. Amplifi combines the enterprise-grade reliability and performance of Ubiquiti hardware, with beautiful design and dead-simple, easy to use setup. They have a handful of different models, most of which can be purchased as a single router or a mesh network package. You can purchase a router and add a 2nd or 3rd one later on as needed to fully cover your home. If you ever need guidance on what the best option is for your home, I’m always happy to help. You can browse all of their products below.

Cloud Backup

A lot of online backup/storage companies either don’t offer unlimited storage, or when they do they try to include an asterisk explaining how it’s not truly unlimited. Not Backblaze! When their unlimited storage offering was questioned on Twitter by some seriously heavy users, their response was “bring it on”. They’ve consistently been the most aggressively priced online backup solution, including offering business cloud storage for around 1/4 the price of everyone else. On top of that, they consistently test among the fastest for upload/transfer speed and have a solid track record when it comes to stability and security.

I believe everybody should be using a cloud backup solution as part of their backup strategy, and Backblaze makes it so easy to get started. Signup now for as little as $6/month by clicking here or contacting me.

Web Hosting

When it comes to choosing a web hosting company for your website, the choice can be daunting. With so many technical differences and features to compare, not to mention over-the-top marketing claims made by some companies, many people get overwhelmed and just go with the cheapest option or whatever brand name they’ve heard the most. In many cases people end up overpaying for what they’re getting or get stuck without important features or terrible support.

My recommendation for most people would be SiteGround. I’ve found their hosting to be excellent all around and they have great customer support. Their interface is extremely easy to use while having all the advanced features you could possibly need. They make so many things incredibly easy to do including site migration, backups, WordPress staging, SSL certificates, and they even offer some fantastic free tools such as their optimizer plugin. They aren’t the cheapest host out there, but I find their pricing to be reasonable and easily worth every penny. Especially with their introductory rates which start at only $6.99/mo.