Data Destruction & Recovery

Data Destruction

Selling or giving away your old computer? Recycling an old hard drive? Have embarrassing photos you don’t want anyone to see? The reasons for wanting data destroyed are endless, but no matter what they are, I got you covered. I use a dedicated machine with no connection to the internet to perform the data destruction, using the US Department of Defense 5220-22 M standard for securely erasing magnetic media. Afterward, if the drive does not pass a S.M.A.R.T. test, or if even a single portion of the drive fails verification, I will disassemble the drive and smash the platters with a hammer.

I charge a flat fee of $19 per storage device.

Just want to simply donate your device? I accept donations!


Currently, shop visits are strictly by appointment.
In most cases I’m happy to pick up and drop off your devices to you for a fee.


Data Recovery

I am working towards being able to offer a data recovery service so check back soon!

For now, if you have a damaged drive or deleted files I would strongly recommend one of these options (no affiliation). They are both very well known for their quality work and reasonable prices:

$300 Data Recovery (California)

Louis Rossmann – Rossmann Repair Group (New York)