Data Migration

Purchase a new computer, phone, or tablet? Want to host your files on an external hard drive? Whatever your need, I can migrate your files from one device to another keeping them in the same place as before, or transfer them to an external hard drive or SSD. I just need both devices and/or hard drives, and I’ll take care of the rest.

The process can take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours. Because of this, I charge a sliding scale for in-shop migration and my standard hourly rates for in-home.


In-Shop Rates

Computers & Hard Drives

  • Up to 250GB – $59
  • 250GB – 500GB – $89
  • 500GB – 1TB –$119
  • More than 1TB – $149


Phones & Tablets

  • Up to 100GB – $49
  • More than 100GB – $69


Currently, shop visits are strictly by appointment.
In most cases I’m happy to pick up and drop off your devices to you for a fee.