In-Shop repair


I offer a variety of services to get you back in business quickly! I can help with nearly any computer issue including, but not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting Windows and macOS software issues, resetting, restoring, and reinstalling operating systems
  • Diagnosing and replacing failed hardware components for laptops and desktops
  • In-shop data backup, restoration, and migration
  • Computer cleaning and detailing
  • Custom desktop computer assembly

Pricing for computer repair is generally based upon my hourly rate plus the cost of parts. Contact me to get an estimate.



Got a broken phone? I can perform a quick diagnostic if necessary to determine the source of the problem and what’s needed to fix it. If it needs a part replaced such as a new display, charging port, camera, battery, or something else, I can most likely fix your phone as long as it’s not fried due to water damage.

My fee for opening a phone and replacing a component is typically $49 (plus the cost of parts) for most standard repairs/phone models. However, in some cases it may be higher depending on the severity of the repair and model of phone. I will always let you know the cost upfront before starting any repair.


Currently, shop visits are strictly by appointment.
In most cases I’m happy to pick up and drop off your devices to you for a fee.