New Device Setup

Get a new computer, phone, or tablet and want help setting it up? No problem! I’ll come to your house and help you get it setup. This includes:

  • Going through initial setup
  • Setting a passcode and programming biometric login
  • Running necessary updates
  • Configuring automatic backup to an external drive or cloud service
  • Installing any apps of your choice
  • Setting up your email
  • Transferring your data

When I’m done your device will be connected to the internet, secure, working with your printer, running your desired apps, syncing with your other devices, backing up your data, and fully configured to your preferences. I can also configure parental controls and family sharing, and I can even help you set up the password management app of your choice (I recommend 1Password).

This process typically takes 1-2 hours or longer, depending on each person’s needs and the amount of data to be transferred. For pricing please see my current hourly rates.