Personalized Training

I offer personalized training and coaching for a variety of devices, including Windows and Mac computers, and tablets (both iOS and Android), and a variety of software applications. I will always work with you at your pace and explain things in simple terms. Below are just a few of the topics I cover, for anything else just ask.

  • General computer and mobile device usage
  • Advanced tips, tricks, and shortcuts
  • Password management, internet security, & safe browsing practices
  • Local and cloud-based backup solutions, and best practices
  • Optimizing your digital workflow & getting all of your devices to work seamlessly together
  • Productivity, file management, and syncing between your devices
  • Setting up parental controls and family sharing
  • Mastering notifications and privacy
  • Specialized software training (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc..)
  • Basic web design using WordPress (no coding)
  • How to build your own custom PC

For pricing, please see my hourly rates here.