Wireless Networking

Most people focus on the latest smartphone or that shiny new TV, but rarely stop to consider the state of their home wifi. The wireless internet in your house is literally what powers all your devices to work with the outside world. Have a fast and relibable wifi is what enables you to binge-watch Netflix, game online, or Facetime with family.

Many people needlessly put up with poor coverage, dropped connections, and slow speeds in their home, simply because they don’t know how to solve their wireless woes.

It’s true that the services provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays a roll in internet speed, but oftentimes people have sufficient “speed” but the wireless network in their home still sucks. Most common routers, especially the ones provided by your ISP (that they charge you $10/month for) are crap. Wifi doesn’t have to suck though. There are much better solutions, and they aren’t as expensive as you might think.

I can examine the current setup in your home, and discuss options for improving your wifi experience so you get the best coverage and speed everywhere, not just in your kitchen. For a comprehensive, in-home network evaluation and consultation, I charge a flat fee of $49.

I can help with all of your networking needs, both wireless and wired. This includes everything from optimizing your router’s settings, troubleshooting connection or speed problems, and of course, setting up new equipment or even a local wireless backup for your computer.